2 September 2016

3DR Announces Availability of Sony R10C on Site Scan for Exclusive Use in Commercial Industries

Customer Benefits Companies using Sony R10C on Site Scan have already noted its main benefits

  • High Definition Aerial Imagery, No Subcontractors Required: The Sony sensor is one of the largest in the sky [infographic here]. To get this level of detail before today, you would have needed to rent or own a $30K+ drone and hire a specialist to process the data.
  • Intuitive Workflow, From Flight to Finish: Site Scan is built for field professionals and assumes no prior drone or piloting experience. Collecting data is as easy as selecting an area on a map and swiping the screen for take-off.
  • Integrates with Existing Workflows: For Autodesk users, the process to turn photos into valuable data such as volume measurements and design surfaces requires no additional training or software outside of Site Scan. It simply revolutionizes the data or reality capture aspect of the workflow by allowing engineers and construction site supervisors to collect data instead of specialists.

"The Sony R10C on Site Scan is an all-in-one enterprise solution that delivers users the most advanced commercial-grade camera available on the market," said Chris Anderson, CEO and co-founder, 3DR. "Alongside one-click data collection, processing and analytics capabilities, Sony R10C on Site Scan integrates seamlessly with existing workflow applications so industrial users can survey, inspect and scan commercial worksites almost effortlessly."

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