9 January 2019

Investment Director, Paris

Atlantic Bridge is hiring an Investment Director in Paris, France

  1. Background

Atlantic Bridge (AB) is a leading European Growth Equity investor with multiple funds comprising approximately $ 750m in assets under management deployed in 3 styles of technology investment: Atlantic Bridge, China Bridge and University Bridge. AB was founded in 2004 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and operating executives, each of whom has more than 25 years of experience in founding and managing technology companies internationally. The firm currently has offices in Dublin, London, Palo Alto, Beijing and recently opened a Munich office. In early 2019 AB will open an office in Paris to serve the French Growth Technology market and will work with French Entrepreneurs and earlier stage funds on growth investment rounds to scale companies globally (primarily in the US and China).

AB deal teams for any given market typically comprise a General Partner, Investment Director and Venture Partner (technical specialist), supported by a global pool of Associates.

  1. Organisation

AB is organised by both geography and sector for investment and by function for management. Global Sectors comprise Enterprise Software, Semi-Conductors and Integrated Systems in each country.

Managing Partners and General Partners cover a geography and either a vertical or function.

Investment Directors focus on a geography while Venture Partners are technical specialists.

AB will serve the French Market from an office in Paris that will be led by the Investment Director but supported and staffed (part time but substantial time commitments) as follows:

  • Managing Partner – Kevin Dillon (who is also global head for Enterprise Software)
  • Managing Partner – Brian Long (who is also global head for Semi-conductors)
  • Investment Manager - Conor Doyle from London
  • Investment Associate –  Cillian Hilliard from Dublin

The total Full Time Equivalent headcount assigned to France will be up to 2.5 for 2019.

The Investment Director will report to Kevin Dillon who will manage the Paris office initially.

  1. Role & Responsibilities

The Investment Director will be responsible for sourcing, leading the assessment process with specialist partners, and monitoring and supporting AB portfolio companies in France. The AB Investment Director for France will be expected to have knowledge of the French ecosystem and, in particular, to be well connected to the Paris community of technology entrepreneurs, earlier stage VC funds and key influencers. The candidate will possess the experience, network and expertise to source and execute deals in France. Active participation in relevant events, forums and associations in Paris is required and expected.

The Investment Director is expected to be or become a recognized and respected investor in French Growth Stage Technology companies and an effective advocate of the Bridge Model.

As AB invests in growth companies scaling globally but primarily into the US and China, the Investment Director will in addition to French activities have the following responsibilities:

  • Work closely with AB partners in other geographies who are sector specialists
  • Support the “Bridge” with AB partners/Investment Directors in Palo Alto and Beijing
  • Advise the French Management team of portfolio companies on global growth
  • Utilise the AB global network of offices and portfolio companies for competitive analysis
  • Monitor international competitors of French portfolio companies via the AB network
  1. Requirements & Qualifications

AB is seeking a candidate with an established track record of investing in early stage French Technology companies ideally both within and outside of Paris either as lead or support role. Experience of assisting companies through the growth stage is preferred but not essential given that AB is a leading European firm in growth stage investing and can provide experience.

The candidate should have experience and referenceable track record in an established VC firm in Paris including major strategic investment companies and state investment funds. The candidate is expected to have at least 10 years of experience in the Technology Sector in France, at least 5 of which should be as an active investor in technology start-up companies. Some level of technology industry management experience is preferred but is not required.

Experience of working internationally or with investment syndicates comprising French and international investors will be viewed most positively along with all other requirements.

Candidates are expected to have an educational background in engineering, science or business from Ecole Polytechique, Paris Sciences & Lettres, Insead, HEC or equivalent. 

The Investment Director is required to speak French as their first language along with fluent business English (which is a firm requirement). Additional language skills will be viewed positively but are not a requirement nor a preference.

  1. Compensation

Compensation will be set according to the experience of the candidate and key benchmarks. Package will include base salary, discretionary bonuses based on results and performance and private medical coverage (if required). Carry Participation will be included over time.

To apply, please submit a CV and cover letter to mark.horgan@abven.com using the subject line ‘Investment Director position’.