9 September 2014

Swrve Announces Support For iOS 8 and iPhone 6

San Francisco, CA - September 9, 2104 - Swrve, the leader in mobile marketing automation, today announced full support for both iOS 8 and the iPhone 6, ensuring that organizations using the Swrve platform to automate in-app marketing campaigns will be able to deliver those campaigns seamlessly across all existing and future Apple platforms.

The Swrve platform, which is used to deliver optimized and personalized experiences to mobile app users, provides support across Apple iOS and Android, and all major devices on both operating systems, including the Amazon Fire Phone.

In relation to new Apple technologies, Swrve will support iPhone 6 screen dimensions out-of-the-box for building in-app campaigns, will support iOS8’s new push notification token registration rules, and work with new systems in place for controlling app viewing when the user rotates the device.

“The iPhone 6 and iOS 8 will set the standard for mobile and tablet experience” said Christopher S. Dean, CEO of Swrve. “With Swrve, our customers will be able to go one step further, delivering ultra-targeted campaigns and A/B testing native content: and providing the kind of mobile app experience that drives new levels of retention, engagement and loyalty.”

About Swrve

Swrve is the world’s leader in mobile marketing automation.

The Swrve platform delivers everything product and monetization managers need to ensure their mobile apps succeed where it counts, by modeling the consumer lifecycle and building long-lasting, profitable relationships with their users and driving the bottom line as a result.

Swrve supports the creation of multi-touch, automated campaigns that incorporate native content editing, push notifications and ‘live’ in-app messages: all supported by an A/B testing suite and the world’s leading mobile analytics package. Swrve is trusted by some of the world’s largest and most successful mobile app businesses. We handle billions of events a day and process data in real-time for multi-million DAU titles.