Our portfolio focuses on areas with very strong growth potential and opportunities for superior investor returns where we have specific knowledge and experience. We invest in key technology sectors that play a major role in unlocking value in the next wave of computing including Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Compute, Next-Generation Semiconductors, Digital Transformation, Cybersecurity, Climate and Sustainability.

SambaNova has developed the industry’s most advanced systems platform to run AI applications from the data center to the cloud and the edge. Leading world-class management team made up industry luminaries, hardware and software design experts, world-class i...
Vectra is the leader in threat detection and response – from cloud and data center workloads to user and IoT devices. Its Cognito® platform accelerates threat detection and investigation using AI to enrich network metadata it collects and stores with the ri...
Navitas Semiconductor is the industry leader in GaN Power IC’s, founded in 2014. Navitas has a strong and growing team of power semiconductor industry experts with a combined 300 years of experience in materials, devices, applications, systems and marketing...
Striim has a best-in-class product that helps enterprises integrate streaming data across distributed, heterogeneous infrastructure environments while having the ability to service customers across multiple deployment models.
Cambridge Mechatronics
Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd. (CML) has world-leading expertise in the mechanical, optical, electrical, software and controller silicon design for compact actuator solutions, based on patented Shape Memory Alloy (SMA) platform technology.
Snowplow Analytics
Snowplow is a best-in-class behavioral data management platform, built for data teams. Snowplow lets you track, contextualize, validate and model your customers’ behavior across your entire digital estate.
AtScale is the Industry’s only patented solution enabling enterprises to simplify their business intelligence infrastructure by allowing business users to continue working with tools they know while centrally managing data definitions, performance and security
Syntiant’s advanced chip solutions merge deep learning with semiconductor design to produce ultra-low-power, high performance, deep neural network processors for always-on applications in battery-powered devices, such as smartphones, smart speakers & earbuds.
Dispelix is a global leader in waveguide design technology. Dispelix designs and manufactures the best diffractive single layer, full color waveguide displays in the world. Its patented DPX waveguides unlock freedoms in AR design with unmatched image qua...
Luma Vision
Luma Vision is a medtech company that develops next-generation AI-driven technology which provides data and imaging. The company is working on a medical imaging device that will provide cardiologists with the accurate data required to help treat a range of ...
Developer of custom-made epitaxial wafers intended to offer semiconductor materials for radar and energy-efficient mobile base stations. The company's nitride-based epitaxial structures reduce energy consumption in a base station while increasing its capaci...
SOC Prime
SOC Prime makes enterprise threat detection and response easier and faster by allowing customers to constantly tune and enhance their security tools. Their product delivers security content (rules, parsers, and machine learning models) covering the latest s...
Elisity Cognitive Trust is a new security paradigm that combines Zero Trust Network Access and an AI-enabled Software Defined Perimeter. With this transformational approach enterprises can proactively protect their data and assets while ensuring access with...
Siren is a flexible, investigative intelligence platform that uses a data model to drive the discovery of associated data. Siren fuses previously-disconnected paradigms such as business intelligence (BI) dashboards, link analysis, content search, and operat...
The Aizon platform uses real real-time data capture from disparate data sources and predictive models to optimize pharma manufacturing processes. Performs GxP-compliant data acquisition, storage, and consumption making audits easier. Aizon works with intern...
Mitiga’s hybrid managed services currently provide Fortune 1000, financial service institutions, banks, ecommerce, law enforcement and government agencies with Incident Response to handle real-time incidents and Incident Readiness that accelerates post-inci...
Selector AI
Selector AI is a platform for operational intelligence of multi-cloud infrastructure and performance-sensitive managed services. By adopting an AI/ML-based data analytics approach, Selector AI provides actionable multi-dimensional insights to network, cloud...
Seaplane is building a control plane that allows for global delivery of full stack containerized applications through its virtual private cloud. The company positions itself as a Content Delivery Network (‘CDN’) for containers and aims to allow developers ...
iObeya is the enterprise platform dedicated to all Visual Management and collaboration practices. Enables distributed teams to perform their rituals and ceremonies as though face-to-face and in a secure virtual environment
Developer of a system management software designed to help teams to build and deploy artificial intelligence models that are safe, reliable, and trustworthy. The company's software provides a core programming API for a new asynchronous data coordination fra...
Seemplicity is a developer of computer and network security technology intended to reduce the risk of workflows in one workspace. The company's technology automates, optimizes, and scales security workflows, making risk reduction a simple, effective, and co...
Neurent Medical
Neurent Medical’s proprietary Rhinitis Neurolysis Therapy is a revolutionary treatment option for chronic rhinitis designed to comfortably and safely disrupt hyperactive parasympathetic nerves that drive the underlying inflammation.
SeeReal has developed the only technically and commercially viable holographic 3D solution in the market. Focused on the development of 3D display solutions for a number of devices including flat displays, tablets and HMDs (Head Mounted Displays).
Hilight Semi
HiLight Semiconductor Ltd, a “Fabless Chip Company”, was founded in 2012 by veterans of several previous start-ups. HiLight design and supply analogue and mixed-signal CMOS ICs for high speed fiber-optics based communications and networking applications.
Graphiant is developing the next generation networking architecture that will enable flexible, secure and efficient cloud-edge services delivered through a Network as a service model.
Arturo is an an AI platform that uses deep learning to deliver highly accurate physical property characteristic data and predictive analysis for residential and commercial properties for use in the property & casualty (P&C) insurance & lending markets.
Secondmind closes the gap between people and AI, and supercharges decision-making with the Secondmind Decision Engine, an intuitive and insightful software platform that helps predict, plan, influence outcomes, manage risk, and make complex decisions
CloudSphere provides governance across migration planning, security posture, identity, compliance and cost management in the cloud. The only cloud management platform that collects the key data points that together define applications in cloud environments.
Message Gears (Swrve)
MessageGears is a warehouse-native customer engagement platform that delivers advanced customer segmentation, message personalization, and delivery. MessageGears acquired Swrve in late 2022.
GPS Insight (Fieldaware)
Developer of fleet management software intended for the road transportation markets. The company specializes in developing and distributing GPS tracking and ELD technologies that offer insights into fleet operations. GPS Insight acquired Fieldaware in late ...
CivicConnect Enables Urban Mobility as a Service, offering a Cloud-based data management tool that integrates public & private data
Insight Terra
Insight Terra have developed the Insight Platform in conjunction with Inmarsat and CivicConnect. The Insight Platform is an environmental and infrastructure risk management platform that makes sense of data from different sensors and connectivity types, mon...
WellAir technology reduces indoor airborne pollutants that lead to infection, allergies and irritation. Their portable air disinfection units use patented ultra-low energy plasma technology to reduce airborne viruses and bacteria.
AnDAPT™, Inc. is revolutionizing power management with its innovative On-Demand Power Management Solution, offering customers unprecedented ability to build and customize power management solutions in days or hours.