Our portfolio focuses on areas with very strong growth potential and opportunities for superior investor returns where we have specific knowledge and experience. We invest in key technology sectors that play a major role in unlocking value in the next wave of computing including Artificial Intelligence, Semiconductors, Autonomous Systems, Industry 4.0, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Digital Health and Robotics.

Vectra is the leading Cybersecurity platform, deploying Artificial Intelligence for Network security threat detection and remediation.
SambaNova has developed the leading artificial intelligence chip platform on the most advanced 7nm (first in the AI/ML industry) process for running applications from the datacentre to edge devices.
Secondmind closes the gap between people and AI, and supercharges decision-making with the Secondmind Decision Engine, an intuitive and insightful software platform that helps predict, plan, influence outcomes, manage risk, and make complex decisions
Navitas is fabless chip company for next generation power management. Applications include mobile phones, drones, tablets and laptops, Wireless charging, Electric Vehicles, Solar and Datacentre, enabling smaller size & 10x faster charging time
AtScale is the Industry’s only patented solution enabling enterprises to simplify their business intelligence infrastructure by allowing business users to continue working with tools they know while centrally managing data definitions, performance and security
Striim’s enterprise-grade, streaming integration & intelligence platform makes it easy to build continuous, streaming data pipelines to power real-time cloud integration, log correlation, edge processing, and streaming analytics
Hilight Semi
HiLight Semiconductor Ltd, a “Fabless Chip Company”, was founded in 2012 by veterans of several previous start-ups. HiLight design and supply analogue and mixed-signal CMOS ICs for high speed fiber-optics based communications and networking applications.
SeeReal has developed the only technically and commercially viable holographic 3D solution in the market. Focused on the development of 3D display solutions for a number of devices including flat displays, tablets and HMDs (Head Mounted Displays).
Elisity has developed a platform that enables enterprises to deliver least privilege access from the cloud to any asset by enforcing policy and nano-segmentation at the edge with Elisity Cognitive Trust.
Siren is a modern investigative intelligence platform – it uses the data schema (ontology) to coherently coordinate BI style dashboards with best in class, full text search, knowledge graph link exploration and domain specific visualizations
Aizon have developed a purpose-built SaaS software platform for manufacturing process optimization in regulated industries. The company’s AI enabled insight engine has been specifically oriented to solve manufacturing process optimization issues.
Caption Health
Caption Health has developed an innovative AI guidance system for ultrasound with the initial application on echocardiograms (heart ultrasounds). The first and only FDA authorized AI-guided medical imaging acquisition system
iObeya is the enterprise platform dedicated to all Visual Management and collaboration practices. Enables distributed teams to perform their rituals and ceremonies as though face-to-face and in a secure virtual environment
Syntiant’s advanced chip solutions merge deep learning with semiconductor design to produce ultra-low-power, high performance, deep neural network processors for always-on applications in battery-powered devices, such as smartphones, smart speakers & earbuds.
CloudSphere provides governance across migration planning, security posture, identity, compliance and cost management in the cloud. The only cloud management platform that collects the key data points that together define applications in cloud environments.
Graphiant is developing the next generation networking architecture that will enable flexible, secure and efficient cloud-edge services delivered through a Network as a service model.
Snowplow Analytics
Snowplow is a best-in-class behavioral data management platform, built for data teams. Snowplow lets you track, contextualize, validate and model your customers’ behavior across your entire digital estate.
Neurent Medical
Neurent Medical’s proprietary Rhinitis Neurolysis Therapy is a revolutionary treatment option for chronic rhinitis designed to comfortably and safely disrupt hyperactive parasympathetic nerves that drive the underlying inflammation.
Swrve is a complete marketing engagement engine for mobile, supporting the design and delivery of native mobile experiences and automated campaigns that engage users, deep analytics capabilities, and integrated extension of existing marketing cloud tech.
Aiqudo combines 10 years of Intent A.I. Development (Sophia Search) with more than 5 years of App Cloud Indexing Experience (Quixey) to connect Voice AI computing to the app ecosystem.
FieldAware is purpose-built for service businesses who were unable to afford the benefits of field service automation available only to large companies before now.
Nod is focused on the development of gesture control, wearable technology and human-computer interaction. The Company has built proprietary technology to model real-time skeletal movement with millimetre level precision.
Lion Semi
Lion Semiconductor is a fabless designer of power management ICs (PMICs) for mobile devices. Unlike today's PMICs that require many large PCB inductors, Lion has created a PMIC with zero PCB components and very small footprint.
Novaerus technology reduces indoor airborne pollutants that lead to infection, allergies and irritation. Their portable air disinfection units use patented ultra-low energy plasma technology to reduce airborne viruses and bacteria.
Atlantic Therapeutics
Atlantic Therapeutics develops medical devices and connected health technologies to treat all types of incontinence, sexual health dysfunctions, and other associated disorders by strengthening muscles and modulating nerves of the pelvic floor.
CivicConnect Enables Urban Mobility as a Service, offering a Cloud-based data management tool that integrates public & private data
AnDAPT™, Inc. is revolutionizing power management with its innovative On-Demand Power Management Solution, offering customers unprecedented ability to build and customize power management solutions in days or hours.