Responsible Investment

Our Responsible Investment Philosophy

Atlantic Bridge believes that responsible investing and sustainability are critical to the future of the planet, the state of society and ultimately, to the success of the firm. We track all long-term trends, including sustainability trends, as part of our overall investment strategy. As an investor in leading entrepreneurs in the technology space, we know that deep technology innovations have the potential to help solve many of our pressing global sustainability challenges, across changing demographics, climate change and resource scarcity etc. We are aware that climate change is an increasingly material financial risk for investors. Portfolio companies across all sectors of the economy may face financial implications from the physical effects of climate change and from the regulatory and other changes that will occur as we transition to a low-carbon economy. This disruption will also afford climate-related opportunities that portfolio companies may seize. Atlantic Bridge also believes that a structured approach to identifying and managing material ESG issues across the portfolio can affect, and can significantly enhance, the performance of the investment portfolio and is in the best interests of its investors. We incorporate ESG factors not only into decisions about what to invest in, but also into the role we play as sponsors of companies.
Underlying our investment philosophy is our strong conviction that good awareness of and management of ESG issues is a source of value creation and will lead to maximisation of returns for our investors.

Our ESG Approach

Atlantic Bridge’s approach to Responsible Investment is governed by international best practice and by the standards developed by the Principles for Responsible Investment (“PRI”). The PRI defines Responsible Investment as “a strategy and practice to incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) factors in investment decisions and active ownership”.
The Firm has developed an ESG management system which focuses on implementing ESG within all stages of the investment cycle, underpinned by a firm-level focus on ESG within its own internal operations. The Firm’s investment approach is naturally suited to Responsible Investment given the Partners’ hands-on approach to portfolio management as an active business partner.


Consideration of ESG factors is embedded across the entire investment cycle from initial analysis and due diligence to ownership and exit. The Atlantic Bridge investment approach is naturally suited to Responsible Investment as we work closely with all our portfolio companies’ management teams as an active business partner. This hands-on role benefits companies by giving them access to Atlantic Bridge’s global network, strategic business insights and extensive knowledge of both the public and private capital markets. Our strong emphasis on value add normally requires, as a condition of investment, that Atlantic Bridge may appoint a member of the Board of Directors (the “Board”) and/or an Observer to the Board. We focus on rigorous due diligence, strong corporate governance and working closely with management to optimise value at exit.