15 Jun 2022

The importance of IPIC in the Irish research ecosystem

The importance of IPIC in the Irish research ecosystem

In a world where conventional technologies are approaching their limits in terms of speed, capacity and accuracy, photonics offers new and unique solutions that will impact our daily lives in remarkable ways.  These technologies underpin the digitalisation of the globe, support the transition to a sustainable world and improve the health & wellbeing of citizens.  From healthcare to food production, advanced manufacturing, communications, transportation, security and ever more importantly climate, the Irish Photonic Integration Centre (IPIC) is at the forefront of a vibrant global research ecosystem.

The exceptional use of photonics continuously increases, and the applications of photonics are practically limitless, underpinning the long term need to invest in photonics research and development. The importance of this trillion-dollar industry cannot be underestimated. For this reason, Atlantic Bridge maintains a strong relationship with the IPIC team, with Atlantic Bridge Partner, Helen McBreen, currently serving as chairperson of IPIC.

Since 2014 IPIC has established a diverse team of over 200 outstanding researchers in their fields spanning 6 academic institutions.  The team is consistently developing breakthrough technologies that positively impact the world, advancing them to market with industry partners and start-up companies.

The leadership team at IPIC is importantly fostering a culture of inclusion, building an internationally recognised centre, and creating a research environment where cutting edge technology breakthroughs are developed.    These are the key criteria to encourage top talent to flock to IPIC and Ireland as a whole.

In an effort to increase new indigenous deep tech start-ups, IPIC launched the IPIC Explorer Programme, which is an ever more important part of the IPIC ecosystem.  The IPIC team has ambitious goals to catalyse and support the formation new photonics-based start-up companies.  As the leading investor in early-stage deep tech ventures and a long track record of success in the semiconductor industry Atlantic Bridge is fully aligned and supportive of this objective. 

The importance of IPIC’s efforts to drive community engagement and outreach to schools and universities is also notable.  We encourage everyone to access IPIC’s outreach programmes to transfer knowledge and trigger innovative ideas on how photonics research will positively impact our changing world.

Finally, Atlantic Bridge would like to congratulate the IPIC team led by Centre Director Professor Paul Townsend and Centre Manager Patrick Morrissey in an outstanding outcome from the recent SFI review process securing the long-term development of the Centre.