8 Jan 2024

NeuroBell spins out of UCC

NeuroBell spins out of UCC

We are thrilled to announce that NeuroBell has spun out of UCC and raised €2.1m in seed funding.

The investment round, led by Furthr VCAtlantic BridgeHBAN, with participation from Enterprise Ireland and private investors, will allow the company to bring their novel technology for seizure detection & EEG monitoring in newborns to market in 2025.

NeuroBell, founded by researchers from the Irish Centre for Maternal and Child Health Research at UCC, will also create 12 new jobs over the next year to help support its growth plan.

The company has developed an AI-powered neonatal brain monitor to detect brain seizures in babies admitted to neonatal intensive care units after birth.

NeuroBell has created a pocket-sized wireless device that enables routine monitoring of babies without the need for particular expertise, obviating the need for continuous electroencephalography monitoring, which requires specialised training.

“This funding marks a significant leap forward in advancing our goal to launch the product and get it into the hands of clinicians around the world to help newborn patients,” said NeuroBell chief executive Mark O’Sullivan, who cofounded the company with Dr Alison O’Shea and Colm Murphy.