28 Jun 2021

University Fund I Series of Success Stories

University Fund I Series of Success Stories

Following on from the launch of University Bridge Fund II, we are delighted to be bringing you a short series of success stories from the University Fund I portfolio. These stories demonstrate the global potential of our companies across disruptive sectors including medtech, cloud platforms, AI and healthcare and how Atlantic Bridge has provided a global platform to help these early stage companies scale.

ApisProtect is an Irish Agtech company who are revolutionizing beekeeping and have developed innovative IoT technology to remotely monitor honey bees, now collating over 15 million data sets globally. Dr. Fiona Edwards Murphy, CEO and Co-Founder of ApisProtect says the "pollination service provided by honey bees overall has a far greater economic and social significance than the sale of apicultural products alone. With the help of our technology, we want to secure the supply of one-third of our diet, and make sure we can nourish and feed the 9.7 billion people on planet earth by 2050”. Watch how Fiona and her team have scaled ApisProtect into new markets and how Atlantic Bridge has helped them build an award winning team and technology from University College Cork

CoiValve is developing a Best-In-Class minimally invasive solution for severe Tricuspid Regurgitation, which affects half a million patients each year. Addressing a large global unmet need, CroiValve operate in a market worth approx $3bn. Atlantic Bridge has helped Lucy O'Keeffe and the team expand by bringing commercial expertise to the Board in building, growing and scaling medtech companies, positioning CroiValve as a leading Irish company to be center stage in the next generation of global medtech players.

Output Sports
Output Sports has developed a single sensory platform that can test and track all aspects of an athlete's strength and conditioning training - measuring speed, strength, power and flexibility to truly optimize performance. Their unique technology is being adopted by gyms and clinics across Ireland, Europe and the US and include world class teams in the Premier League, Major League Soccer and and the National Basketball Association. We believe that the sports technology market is undergoing huge growth and are helping to provide the company with essential access to international markets and customers to truly help them scale.

Neurent Medical
Neurent Medical, a leading Irish medical device company backed by a global syndicate of international investors. Neurent is focused on developing highly innovative, non-surgical therapy for inflammatory diseases of the sino-nasal cavities that can be used in an office setting. Neurent is targeting a huge market with up to 40% of people suffering from some form of rhinitis and are in the process of commercializing their NEUROMARK product in the US with the support of Atlantic Bridge. We believe this innovative device can truly transform the treatment of rhinitis and improve patient outcomes globally.