9 Sep 2021

Volograms Launches its New Volu App to Change 3D Content Creation for Augmented Reality

Volograms Launches its New Volu App to Change 3D Content Creation for Augmented Reality

Artificial intelligence (AI) and volumetric video innovator, Volograms, debuted the public version of its 3D content creation app, Volu. Using advanced deep learning and computer vision technologies, its AI-powered mobile content creation platform is the first to allow smartphone users to easily create, share and play with immersive, dynamic content for AR/VR (augmented reality/ virtual reality) from one quick mobile video.

“Technology advances are creating new forms of content and changing how we communicate. Innovators like Volograms will help pave the way for all smartphone users to embrace the next era of AR/VR experiences by simplifying user-generated content creation,” noted Thomas Alt, venture partner at Atlantic Bridge. “Being able to create AR-ready content with a smartphone from a single video perspective in a way that isn’t ridiculously complicated or limited to an inanimate object is groundbreaking.” 

“Augmented and virtual reality will change our communication patterns and our everyday lives, similar to the advent of the internet, social media and smartphones. Eventually, it will be ubiquitous,” said Rafael Pagés, CEO and co-founder, Volograms. “However, just like every other technology leap, first it needs to become more accessible. Putting the power of dynamic 3D content creation into every hand, pocket or purse carrying a smartphone with our Volu app is the first step. We are enabling user-generated content for AR by turning standard smartphone cameras into AR-ready cameras.”

Based on feedback from thousands of Volu beta users around the globe, Volograms fine-tuned key capabilities within the new version of the app before general release – including enhancing reliability, speeding 3D reconstruction, incorporating a self-capture timer, and adding new creative effects and algorithms to improve the quality of critical details such as facial features. In addition, the team is working to add a more advanced sharing functionality for easier co-creation.

Download Volu for the full experience.