8 January 2016

3DR Announces Updated Smart Shots And Flight Safety Software at CES 2016

"This is Solo, season two," said Colin Guinn, Chief Revenue Officer of 3DR. "We've continued to create features that will surprise and empower drone users and moviemakers of every experience level and interest. Solo is all about helping you quickly and easily capture exactly the content you want, with whatever sensor suits your needs, whether that's a dynamic cinema shot or the industrial inspection of a complex structure. Even after years of operating drones on Hollywood film sets with a dedicated camera operator, I've never seen shots like this — they're simply way beyond what can be achieved by the best drone pilots and camera operators in the world. Instead of being limited by the dexterity of your fingers, your shots are now only bound by your imagination and creativity. We've always known the potential; now we're about to feel it." 

The new Smart Shot functionality — Multipoint cable cam and Follow with Freelook — builds on the Solo platform's four existing Smart Shots, 3DR's breakthrough computer-assisted cinema technology that enables even beginners to capture the kind of video from the sky that was previously relegated to Hollywood film sets. It will be available this spring to all Solo users in a free wireless update.

Multipoint cable cam
Multipoint cable cam revamps cable cam's original automated beginning-to-end design. Now the user can design cables that run between an unlimited number of keyframes. This allows the user to take time to set shots perfectly, looking in any direction from any point in space. The Solo companion computer has a photographic memory that takes a snapshot of each of these frames exactly as set, then connects the dots with a virtual cable. Engage in three ways: Work the camera freely while Solo flies on the cable from frame to frame; fly Solo on the cable while Solo does what no other drone can, automatically handling camera pointing and tilt to capture a smooth narrative from one frame to the next; or press "play" and let Solo handle the flying and the camerawork simultaneously, perfectly capturing a complex, twisting, tunneling multi-keyframe shot. Solo smooths its approach and exit to each keyframe by automatically adding spline curves. 

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