26 April 2016

Navitas unveils plans to build GaN Power IC's

Navitas unveils plans to build GaN Power IC's

Initially, employing its AllGaN process, the young company intends to combine enhancement-mode GaN power FETs with GaN logic and drive circuits on a silicon substrate. According to CEO Gene Sheridan, the company has been sampling its first GaN-on-Silicon power IC to select customers for the last few months and intends to make it commercially available in a QFN package in summer. To accomplish that, it is closely working with a large Asian foundry.

Dan Kinzer, Navitas CTO and COO, said that “with monolithic integration of GaN drive and logic circuits with GaN power FETs, the industry now has a path to cost-effective, easy-to-use, high-frequency power system designs.” The Navitas executive believes that it will enable up to 40 MHz switching, 4x higher density and 20% lower system cost.

Key features driving this performance include no gate loop parasitic; clean, fast gate signal; and rail-to-rail gate signal. Plus it offers high-frequency drive with minimal propagation delay. The benefits of GaN power IC are demonstrated in a 150 W boost power factor correction (PFC) circuit with universal AC input (85–265 Vac, 47–63 Hz) and 400 V, 0.27 A output.

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